Benefits Of Salicylic Acid To Remove Acne From The Skin

Benefits Of Salicylic Acid For Your Skin

Salicylic Acid

Whether you’ve been struggling with stubborn blackheads or looking to revitalize your dull complexion, you may have seen this one ingredient in many skincare products: salicylic acid. This ingredient is best known for its exfoliating and bacteria-fighting powers. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA), a type of carbon-based organic compound that naturally occurs in willow bark, fruits, and vegetables.“BHAs are lipid/fat-soluble and can penetrate into pores to unclog blackheads. Not only does salicylic acid fight bacteria, but it also reduces inflammation and exfoliates the skin.

Although salicylic acid is quite common in skincare products, there’s a lot that most people don’t know about it — like whether it’s actually suitable for your particular skin type. Well, you came to the right place. Here you will get all the answers about the salicylic acid you seek.

Role Of Salicylic Acid On Your Skin

Salicylic acid is an excellent pore-clearing ingredient because it exfoliates the surface of the skin and penetrates into pores to remove oil. This helps to prevent pores from becoming clogged and can help remove clogs that have already formed. As an oil-soluble BHA, salicylic acid has the ability to advance deep into your skin and break up the excess oil and dead skin cells. It works by breaking down the “glue” between the cells to exfoliate and decrease oil secretion.


Fights acne
Removes dead skin cells
Decreases oil secretion
Reduces inflammation and redness

Along with treating acne, you may have seen salicylic acid in products that “rejuvenate” or “brighten” your skin. That’s because it’s “used as a milder chemical peel for acne-prone patients or patients wanting a less intense peel.At higher concentrations, it is used to treat warts and other skin growth as it breaks down skin cells.

For which Type Of Skin This Is Suitable

Salicylic acid “is a great ingredient for people with oily and acne-prone skin, particularly for treating and preventing comedonal acne. At higher concentrations, it can be used to treat cystic acne, but you should always consult your dermatologist first. People with dry or sensitive skin should take extra caution as this ingredient can further dry out and irritate the skin.

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Products Which Contain Salicylic Acid

In light of its many skincare benefits, it’s no wonder why salicylic acid is included in so many skincare products. You can find it in cleansers, toners, spot treatments, masks, and makeup. This ingredient can even be found in shampoos to treat dandruff.

How to Use Salicylic Acid

You may feel eager to head to your nearest drugstore and add this ingredient to your daily regimen. Dermatologists do not generally recommend salicylic acid for everyday use. This is because it has the potential to irritate and dry out your skin. I would suggest starting once or twice per week, increasing the frequency as tolerated. This will depend on how sensitive your skin is and what other products you are using … If your skin is excessively peeling, becoming irritated, or very dry, then decrease the frequency of salicylic acid, or stop using it. Although it’s rare, if you break out in hives or experience any other intense reaction, you may have an allergy to salicylic acid. You should immediately stop using it and seek medical attention.

How To Choose the Best Salicylic Acid Product For Your Skin

Since salicylic acid has many uses, the best products for you will depend on your skin type and what benefits you are looking to enjoy from it. Because salicylic is drying, it is important to pay extra attention to your skin’s hydration. You should look for products that have moisturizing ingredients, such as soothing oils, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. If you have dry or sensitive skin, look for products with a lower salicylic acid concentration (closer to 1%).

Star Ingredient For Skincare

Glycolic Acid
Hyaluronic acid
Vitamin c
Salicyclic Acid

Glycolic Acid

If you are looking to simplify your skincare routine with a product that provides all the benefits of minimized pores, younger-looking skin, and a clear, radiant complexion, then I will raise my hand to grab glycolic acid. This miraculous ingredient is an all-in-one solution to your greatest skin troubles from aging to acne— glycolic acid takes care of it all. It’s one ingredient that you should definitely consider adding to your skincare routine.

What is glycolic Acid?

Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), an organic, carbon-containing molecule., this molecule naturally occurs in sugar cane and fruits. Some other AHAs you may be familiar with include lactic acid and citrus acid. Note that these should not be confused with beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), such as salicylic acid.“Glycolic acid helps to separate the connections between keratinocytes [skin cells] in the outer layers of skin without rough, mechanical exfoliation techniques and promotes exfoliation,In this way, it can artificially speed up cell turnover and bring fresher, younger cells to the surface.

Uses Of Glycolic Acid.

It works for anti-aging. It’s very good for acne.Key benefits are :

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Minimizes the appearance of pores
Fights acne
Removes dead skin cells
Evens skin tone
glycolic acid is safe for new mothers to use. Since certain beauty ingredients, such as BHAs and retinol, should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding, “it’s a lifesaver for women during this period of time.”

How To Use glycolic acid

Glycolic acid can be found in all sorts of products, from washes to toners to medical-grade chemical peels. Regardless of whatever product you choose, you will see benefits from any concentration percentage. Glycolic acid works every time you use it, and it begins to work immediately. only use products with a maximum concentration of 10% at home. “Stronger formulations can be applied by your board-certified dermatologist but should only be applied by people with extensive experience and training in chemical peels.”

Best Face Washes For Acne Skin

From the moment we hit puberty, acne becomes a big part of most of our lives. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting about 50 million Americans every year. But you may not get off scot-free after your teen years. For many, acne doesn’t just disappear. Instead, it can carry on into adulthood, or develop then for the very first time.

That’s why the skincare products we use every day are so important—starting with our face wash. Lucky for you, we searched high and low to find the best cleansers on the market to banish zits and keep them from forming in the first place.

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Best Overall: CeraVe Renewing SA Face Cleanser

This acne face wash is not only budget-friendly, but it also works hard to get rid of blemishes and keep skin calm and clear. The formula is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog up pores, and it’s non-drying and non-irritating—perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s also developed with dermatologists and uses good-for-skin ingredients like salicylic acid, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and antioxidant vitamin D.

Best Oil-Free: AcneFree Oil-Free Acne Cleanser

If you tend to go for oil-free formulas to counteract skin that already produces too much oil, this formula is a great option. It’s formulated with benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria and glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin and get rid of clogged pores without drying them out.

Best for Oily Skin: Differin Daily Deep Cleanser

When it comes to clearing up acne, benzoyl peroxide is a total powerhouse ingredient. It kills the bacteria on your face that causes acne to form, so not only will it banish your pimpFrom the brand that created the ultimate acne spot treatment (if you know, you know) comes this equally-great acne face wash. It’s a clarifying formula with salicylic acid, aloe vera, and thyme extract to help remove pore-clogging dead skin cells while preventing the skin from drying out.

les, but it’ll stop them from forming in the first place. It’s important to use benzoyl peroxide carefully though since it can be drying to sensitive and dry skin types. But for oily skin, it’s a great option and can even slow the overproduction of oil.

Best Scrub: St. Ives Acne Control Apricot Face Scrub

This formula uses crushed walnut shells to slough away dead skin cells—an important step in clearing away clogged pores and stopping them from forming. But that’s not all. It also uses a chemical exfoliator, so it does double duty in the exfoliation department. While the walnut particles work on the outer layer of the skin, salicylic acid works its way down into the pores to clear them out. That means fewer pimples and fewer blackheads.

Best for Whiteheads: Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser

From the brand that created the ultimate acne spot treatment (if you know, you know) comes this equally-great acne face wash. It’s a clarifying formula with salicylic acid, aloe vera, and thyme extract to help remove pore-clogging dead skin cells while preventing the skin from drying out.

Best for Redness: Neutrogena Redness Soothing Cleanser

Acne can, of course, cause unattractive zits to pop up, and with that can come redness as well. This cleanser is formulated to get rid of blemishes and the redness that makes skin look even more irritated. The salicylic acid clears up acne while naturally derived aloe and chamomile extracts work to calm the skin and soothe it.


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